Our Website Portfolio

Charlotte Bruce-Lloyd Charlotte Bruce Lloyd: 2014

Charlotte Bruce-Lloyd is an independent social worker. Charlotte works with Ariel Bruce and Lal Ashby who together undertake all of the research and intermediary work for ITV's Long Lost Family.
Friends of the Ridgeway Friends of the Ridgeway: 2014

The Friends of the Ridgeway wanted to upgrade their website so it could be maintained by the committee. This is a Wordpress website using the very popular Avada theme. Wordpress logo
The Great Stones Way Great Stones Way: 2011

The Friends of the Ridgeway wanted a simple website for the launch of the Great Stones Way that they could easily maintain themselves. As they already had a Fasthosts webhosting arrangement, this website was built based on one of the Fasthosts templates. I would recommmend Fasthosts although we did have a few problems accessing their service via a browser other than IE 8.
Lal Ashby Lal Ashby: 2011

Lal Ashby provides adoption support services to adults, and provides Intermediary Services for people wanting to be reunited with birth relatives separated by adoption. Lal works with Ariel Bruce and Charlotte Bruce-Lloyd to undertake all of the research and intermediary work for ITV's Long Lost Family.
JEK TimeCost JEK TimeCost: 2010

A complete website upgrade and revamp was needed before the launch of JEK TimeCost. A fresher appearance with more functionality was the requirement. I think we delivered...
Deep Therapy website Deep Therapy: 2010

Having recently qualified as a massage therapist, Mike Northover was specifically looking for a simple and clean website to launch this new venture. He had seen Steve Lee's website and rather liked the look of its clean lines and colour schemes. Mike knew exactly what he wanted and we worked with him to achieve a very simple 3 page brochure website. We have had some very complimentary feedback about this website!
Debt Medic Ltd Debt Medic Ltd: 2010

Debt Medic Ltd already had a simple website but were keen for a new up to date look. Accuracy and good customer services were also key requirements for this company. This website includes a feedback form and a PayPal button. The imagery used in the website was all sourced by JanesWeb to be relevant to the business.
Massage Abingdon Massage Abingdon: 2010

Steve Lee, a sports and holistic massage therapist based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire wanted a simple web presence website to advertise his business. This website includes an interactive Google map and a downloadable brochure. As a former software engineer, Steve is able to maintain the website himself.
JEK TimeCost Support JEK TimeCost Support: 2010

The final website in the JEK Software Support portfolio is a Joomla! website designed to act as the support portal for the JEK TimeCost application. The classic Joomla! template has been customised to include logos and JEK Software Support colour schemes. The website also includes a Joomla! extension to provide helpdesk functionality.
JEK TimeCost JEK TimeCost: 2009/2010

Following on from the success of the JEK Software Support website upgrade, JanesWeb has been working with JEK Software Support for over 12 months in the development of a new web based timesheet and staff cost tracking application: JEK TimeCost. We have been providing the design, colour schemes, menus and simple graphics. We have also been involved in the testing phase and administration guide development.
Greenlink Berkshire Greenlink Berkshire: 2009

Greenlink Berkshire is a network of community groups committed to the care of the environment, greener living and development of the local economy in Berkshire. This website includes a Google Custom Search box, a scrolling news window, an email newsletter sign-up form, a feedback form and a Flash gallery of fading images.
JEK Software Support Ltd: 2009 JEK Software Support Ltd: 2009

Jeremy Kay is a software engineer with a solid background in software development. His existing website needed an upgrade to reflect the nature of his business and to portray his business in a professional manner. He primarily wanted design and colour scheme ideas which we worked with him to provide.